OCTA Street team

The community outreach program Đồng Hương Đồng Hành was created to increase ridership within the Vietnamese community. The outreach program was accomplished by visiting multiple high traffic locations and community events with a trained team of multicultural marketers and the Đồng Hương Đồng Hành branded OC Bus Van. The campaign focused on promoting the new express bus lines, especially the newly launched Bravo!560.

Key Activities

Project Details

With the goal of building trust and a partnership with the community, the outreach program was implemented using the Đồng Hường Đồng Hành van to engage the community at key high foot traffic locations.

In order to complete this outreach campaign, a lot of materials were created to attract the Vietnamese community. The materials were created to promote the idea of unity that the Vietnamese community deeply associates with and with that idea in mind, we came up with the “Đồng Hương, Đồng Hành” campaign theme. This phrase suggests that other people in the community are already riding the bus so you should as well. The ArrowGTP multicultural marketing team was able to engage with over 1,500 people. Over 400 surveys were collected.

The street team events were very enthusiastically received and the community had a lot of questions and feedback for us. We were able to answer questions regarding the new Bravo!560, 64Xpress and other bus routes and clear up any confusion that may have prevented people from riding the bus. Many people also went online to enter their address for a free pass.

Services Rendered